Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the Safety of High-Speed ​​Rail Transport” (TR CU 002/2011)

In accordance with Technical Regulations TR CU 002/2011 certification of high-speed railway transport is carried out. The object targeted by technical regulation of this technical regulation of the CU is high-speed rail transport, which includes: a) newly developed (modernized), manufactured high-speed railway rolling stock and its component parts produced for circulation on public tracks of 1520 mm gauge in the customs territory of Member States of the Customs Union with speeds of more than 200 km / h. b) the infrastructure of high-speed rail transport, which includes: subsystems of high-speed rail infrastructure such as railway, railway power, railway automation and teleautomatic, railway telecommunications, as well as station buildings, facilities and devices; components of subsystems and elements of components of subsystems of high-speed rail transport infrastructure.