Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of meat and meat products” (TR CU 034/2013)

This technical regulation of the Customs Union applies to:

  • slaughter and meat products, including animal tallow drippings, blood and its processing products, bone and its processing products, meat stock, powder meat and meat containing products, meat products for children, etc.
  • manufacturing, storage, transportation, marketing and disposal processes of meat and meat products

This technical regulation of the Customs Union does not apply to:

  • slaughter and meat products produced by private households
  • specialized meat products produced from slaughter products
  • poultry meat and any meat where the presence of poultry meat is superior to the contents of slaughter products
  • food additives and biologically active supplements, medicine, animal food, non-alimentary meat-based products
  • food products for catering companies
  • food prodcuts where the contents of meat is inferior to 5%