Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers thereto ” (TR CU 031/2012)

TR CU 031/2012 establishes requirements for:

  • manufactured or imported wheel tractors and crawlers destined for agriculture and forestry, as well as their trailers. Only tractors with the maximum speed not less than 6 km/hour are subject to conformity assessment according to TR CU 031/2012
  • manufactured or imported components for tractors and their trailers which have an impact on their safety, such as
    • lighting and light-signal devices (back lights, lights of reverse motion, brake signals, turn indicators, far-reaching headlight, dimmers, antifog lights, back antifog lights, parking lights, fixtures for illumination of back license plate)
    • light reflecting devices
    • back mirrors
    • audio signalling devices
    • glasses
    • seatbelts
    • speed limiting devices
    • speedometers
    • mechanical tractive-coupling devices
    • tires
    • engines
    • seats
    • cabins