Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On requirements for lubricants, oils and special liquids” (TR CU 030/2011)

This technical regulation of the Customs Union applies to:

  • lubricants of organic origin, including:
  • motor oils (multifunctional, carburetor, diesel, and oils for aviation piston engines);
  • transmission oils
  • hydraulic oils
  • industrial oils
  • compressor oils
  • turbine oils
  • anticorrosive oils
  • electrical insulating oils
  • basic oils
  • plastic oils;
  • special liquids
  • cooling liquid (including lubricating and cooling liquids)
  • break fluids
  • waste products

This technical regulation of the Customs Union does not apply to lubricants, oils and special liquids:

  • delivered by the state defense order
  • exported out of the boarders of the customs territory of the Customs union
  • stored in organizations which ensure the integrity of state material reserve
  • oils of vegetable and animal origin
  • obtained as a result of high temperature distillation
  • coal tar (including creosote)
  • not falling under the definitions “oils”, “lubricants”, “special liquids” stipulated in Article 2 of the present technical regulation
  • intended for the production of perfumes and cosmetic products, medical products and medicine