Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of oil and fat products” (TR CU 024/2011)

TR CU 024/2011 establishes requirements for alimentary and non-alimentary products.

Alimentary products:

  • plant oils and its fractions
  • refined deodorized oils (fats)
  • margarine
  • fats of special application, for example, culinary, confectionary and for baking of bread
  • milk fat substitutes
  • cocoa butter equivalents
  • plant oil based sauces and cremes
  • mayonnaise and its sauces
  • distilled glycerin

Non-alimentary products:

  • raw natural glycerin
  • laundry soap

The requirements of TR CU 024/2011 do not apply to:

  • oil and fat products as a result of non-industrial production with the exception of plant oil
  • non-alimentary oil and fat products with the exception of raw natural glycerin and laundry soap