Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “Safety equipment for use in hazardous environments” (TR CU 012/2011)

This technical regulation of the Customs Union establishes requirements for equipment for use in hazardous environments, which ensures that the safety of its use in explosive environments. TR CU 012/2011 adopted in order to protect human life and health, property, prevention of actions misleading, mislead consumers. This technical regulation of the Customs Union with electrical (electrical equipment), including Ex-components, and non-electrical equipment for use in explosive environments. Identification characteristics of equipment for explosive environments and Ex-components are tools to ensure protection specified in the technical documentation of the manufacturer, and explosion-proof marking painted on the equipment and Ex-components.

The effect of this technical regulation of the Customs Union does not apply to:

– products for medical purposes;

– equipment, the operation of which there is only a risk of explosion due to the presence of explosive and unstable chemical compounds;

– equipment for residential and non-industrial use in an environment where an explosive atmosphere is formed as a result of unexpected release of flammable gas;

– personal protective equipment;

– ships, ships inland and mixed (river-sea), mobile platforms and drilling rigs to work in marine and inland waters other floating facilities, as well as used in which machinery and equipment;

– transport vehicles for the transport of passengers and goods by air, land, rail and water transport;

– nuclear weapons research facilities organizations nuclear defense complex, except in their ranks equipment located in hazardous areas.