Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On the safety of machinery” (TR CU 010/2011)

In accordance with TR CU 010/2011, certification of machines and (or) equipment produced in circulation on a single customs territory of the Customs Union is carried out.

Equipment subject to the Declaration of Conformity are as follows:

– Woodworking machinery for home use

– All-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and trailers for them

– Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers

– Agricultural machinery

– Agricultural machinery for animal husbandry and poultry

– Mechanized instrument, including electric

– Equipment for the forestry and wood

– Equipment for mines

– Mining scraper conveyors

– Equipment for drilling and well-ventilators for mines

– Means for collecting dust and dust control

– Oxygen compressors

– etc.

Equipment subject to Certification of Compliance are:

– turbines

– Diesel generators

– Devices for lifting operations

– conveyors

– Chemical equipment, oil and gas

– Equipment for the treatment of polymer materials

– Pumping equipment (pumps, pumping units and facilities)

– Cryogenic equipment, compressors, refrigeration, autogenous

– Gas treatment

– Equipment for metal processing

– The papermaking equipment

– Equipment for geological exploration drilling

– Equipment for liquid ammonia

– Equipment for the preparation and purification of drinking water

– Technological equipment for the foundry industry

– trucks

– Bicycles (except for children)

– Machines for excavation, land reclamation, development maintenance pits

– Etc.