Certification in the national system of Russian Federation

The most common certification system in the territory of Russia is the GOST R certification system, which operates on almost all types of products with obligatory certification in accordance with the law «On Protection of Consumer Rights» and manufacturers who refer to it during the voluntary certification.

The issuance of certificates of compliance GOST R is carried out by specialized institutional bodies that have been accredited in the State Standard. The main document that is required for the issue of the product conformity is the test report from the accredited laboratory.

The certification stages include mandatory verification of a number of production processes and a system for testing product quality control at the enterprise.

During certification process for the quality system, the following stages of certification can be distinguished:

I certification stage – preliminary (correspondence) assessment of the quality system;

II stage of certification – final inspection and evaluation of the quality system in the enterprise;

Stage III – inspection control of a certified quality system.

During the preliminary assessment of the quality system an expert performs an external audit of the quality system.  Based on the result of such audit and an analysis of all the submitted documents the expert of the Certification Body can determine if the enterprise is ready for further certification work. During this preliminary assessment, the Certification Body may require additional documents relating to the production technology, enterprise standards, regulating methods of product control.

To carry out the final inspection and evaluation of the quality system (Phase II), the expert group of the Certification Body is developing a program. Next, an establishment survey is conducted, during which the analysis of the production processes, analysis of the activities of units and the study of measures to ensure product quality is conducted. The results of the audit are formalized in the form of a report in which experts make a decision on the compliance of the enterprise’s quality system with the requirements of the standard and on issuing to the enterprise a certificate of conformity or a refusal (in case of unsatisfactory audit results).

If minor discrepancies are noted during the audit, as a rule, a conformity certificate for products is issued, and elimination of the discrepancies is checked at subsequent annual inspections. If there are significant discrepancies, the certificate can be issued only after verifying that the discrepancies have been eliminated.

The GOST R quality certificate is usually issued for a period of 3 years with an annual confirmation of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of the standard.

The inspection control of the certified quality system (Stage III) is conducted annually by the representative of the certification body. Moreover, unscheduled inspections can be conducted.

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