Certification in the national system of Belarus

It’s no secret that the key to the success of a product is consumer trust. Certification is the best quality assurance which confirms the conformity of products to all norms and standards. The Republic of Belarus has its own national system of standards and regulations, as well as technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The legal and organizational basis for the compliance assessment of objects with the requirements of technical normative legal acts in the field of technical regulation and standardization is defined by the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 5, 2004 «Concerning the compliance assessment with the Requirements of Technical Normative Legal Acts in the Field of Technical Regulation and Standardization». This document is aimed at ensuring a unified state policy during the compliance assessment.

Certification in the Republic of Belarus can be voluntary or mandatory. General requirements for the procedure for the mandatory and voluntary certification of domestic and imported products are established by the technical code of the established practice of TCH 5.1.02-2012 «National system for conformity attestation of the Republic of Belarus. Product Certification. General provisions».

Products which are subject to mandatory certification are registered in the relevant technical regulations of the Customs Union or determined by National system for conformity attestation of the Republic of Belarus.

Voluntary certification is initiated by the manufacturer or supplier of products. Its list is not regulated by normative legal acts.

The certification procedure generally looks like this:

  • Application for the obtaining of the document;
  • Collection of necessary documentation;
  • Selection of the sample products and analysis;
  • Description of the results and preparation of the final documentation;
  • Issue of a certificate of conformity.


We are ready to support you in the collection and registration of all necessary documentation and carry out technical support for your company until you receive a certificate for products!